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Suboxone withdrawal is associated with a growing problem in the United States. The drug is a part of the opioid family, drugs that are derived from opium. The primary purpose of the substance is to help treat opiate withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification phase of recovery from addiction; however, there is a growing issue with the abuse of Suboxone after Suboxone withdrawal that subsequently leads to another addiction. Unfortunately, a drug that was created with the primary purpose of helping people, has become a part of the addiction problem. The issue with Suboxone withdrawal is that is it difficult to treat from a medical perspective, mainly because it is the drug that would normally be used in this situation. However, there are drug addiction treatment centers that specialize in the treatment of Suboxone withdrawal symptoms and the addiction that is associated with it. Drug Treatment Centers Macon has the experts that can help you begin the recovery process. You just need to call (478) 787-6035.

What is Suboxone?

The substance is a drug that contains a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine. Buprenorphine is an opioid, meaning that it is derived from opium, making it a part of the opiate family. The second ingredient, naloxone, is a unique narcotic that has the capacity to effectively reverse the effects of other narcotics. The primary use is treating opiate addictions, and it has no other medical use at this time. As with any narcotic, the substance has some negative side effects that can cause serious medical complications, such as slowed breathing.

Despite its designed use, Suboxone has found itself among the many prescription narcotics that are being abused. Any narcotic medication that is being abused increases the risk of becoming addicted to said narcotic. Because Suboxone is an opioid, it has the same effect on the body as other opioids, making it desirable among drug users.

One thing that is increasing the risk of becoming addicted to the substance is the fact that drug users are crushing or breaking open time-release capsules and consuming them, subsequently increasing the rate at which the drug enters their system. Not only does this increase the risk of becoming addicted, but it also increases the risk of an overdose and other medical complications.

Suboxone Abuse

As with any narcotic, this drug is addictive, even at normal doses, meaning that it should only be taken exactly as prescribed by a licensed physician. Individuals should never share their medication with anyone else. A person who abuses it is at an extremely high risk for becoming addicted to the substance. Becoming addicted to Suboxone can create some unique complications when it comes to attempting to break the addiction. Because it is designed to minimize the withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal, it will be difficult to find the right combination of other drugs to help with Suboxone withdrawal.

Any person who has become addicted to the substance should seek professional assistance in dealing with their addiction, because attempting to detox on their own could present some dangerous medical complications. There are centers that specialize in helping individuals who are addicted to Suboxone and helps them safely complete the detoxification process.

Abuse of this drug can also produce a condition that is common among painkillers, known as hyperalgesia, which is a condition in which the medication actually produces the opposite effect of what it is used for. In other words, hyperalgesia is the occurrence of a situation in which the use of a medication actually serves to magnify pain instead of reduce it.

Suboxone withdrawal, like all opioids, can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. The pain and discomfort, as well as the potential medical complications that can develop during the detoxification process, makes it important to seek a qualified treatment center that has the capacity to effectively facilitate a successful recovery. Drug Treatment Centers Macon has everything you need to get you on the path to recovery. Call (478) 787-6035 today to get started.

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