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When it comes to addiction recovery, a comprehensive recovery program is essential to achieving success in overcoming the disease. Relapse prevention plays an integral role in this comprehensive plan. Relapse is the primary pitfall of recovery. It is the goal of the recovery plan to avoid this process. It is extremely difficult for addicts not to return to substance abuse without a relapse prevention plan. Once released from rehabilitation, it can be challenging to avoid the temptations drug and alcohol addiction presents. However, Drug Treatment Centers Macon offers the relapse prevention programs and techniques that ease the transition back into a world of temptation. These relapse prevention programs can be very effective; however, the addict must be dedicated to maintain long-term sobriety. Call Drug Treatment Centers Macon today at (478) 787-6035 and see just how beneficial our programs can be for you.

What is Relapse?

Addiction is a disease, and any disease is subject to relapse, especially when the proper steps are not taken to prevent this process. Experiencing a setback is commonly viewed as the point at which the individual begins to use the drug again; however, the process actually begins much sooner than that. This is a progressive occurrence that begins subtly and progresses toward the final stage of relapse, which is the person using again.

The first stage is emotional, which is a stage when the person begins to experience emotional triggers that are conducive to the development of negative thoughts and behavior. If the emotional issues that arise are not immediately dealt with, it could result in the further progression of the process.

Mental relapse is the next phase of the process. If emotional issues go unchecked, it will result in mental conflict that leads to negative thoughts and cognitions that will eventually lead to poor behavior and poor decisions. If these negative thoughts and projections are not effectively dealt with, it will finally result in physical relapse, the occurrence of using drugs again. At this point, the individual has returned to square one. One of the primary reasons for this setback is the fact that the person was not participating in an active relapse prevention program.

Signs of Drug Relapse

Despite common perception, the return to substance abuse is a long and potentially painful process in which the individual slowly moves towards using again. There are some common signs of relapse, including:

• Compulsive behavior
• The neglect of coping skills
• Destructive thoughts
• Isolation from activities and groups
• Returning to unhealthy environments and behaviors
• Mood swings
• The occurrence of anxiety and depression

The Importance of a Relapse Prevention Program

There is pragmatic and empirical evidence that reveals that the lack of a clearly defined relapse prevention strategy drastically reduces the chance of achieving a complete recovery from a drug addiction. More than half of the people who successfully complete the initial stage of the recovery process will relapse at some point. The vast majority will experience this in the first 60 days after checking out of the treatment center; however, participating in an active relapse prevention program will significantly reduce this risk long-term, as addicts will experience cravings for the rest of their lives. The key is to control them through prevention programs.

Completing the initial part of the rehabilitation process is an important milestone in the progressive plan for recovery, but it is not the end of the process. Some of the greatest challenges that a person will face in recovery will take place after reentering the real world. Having a relapse prevention program that offers the guidance and support necessary to protect the individual from the dangers that lead to substance abuse is vital to the person achieving a complete recovery. Consider calling Drug Treatment Centers Macon PA for the best recovery options. Call (478) 787-6035 

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