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Rehab and recovery programs are an essential aspect of the recovery process. These programs provide the assistance and support that is necessary for people struggling with an addiction to successfully overcome their chemical dependence on drugs and/or alcohol. Alcohol and drug addictions have the capacity to completely destroy the lives of not only addicts, but their loved ones as well. If a person who becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol does not seek immediate help from recovery programs, they stand the risk of having their finances, health and relationships completely turned upside down. However, checking into a quality rehabilitation facility that offers a multitude of recovery programs will provide the support and direction they will need to ensure that they are on the right track to long-term sobriety. Speak to an addiction specialist today about the recovery programs offered by Drug Treatment Centers Macon. Call us at (478) 787-6035.

The Power of Addiction

Addiction is a misunderstood disease. Most people have, at least, a minimal perspicacity of the physical aspects of addiction; however, the lack of in-depth knowledge that provides the insight that can be useful in helping break themselves or a loved one free of an addiction. When it comes to the psychological issues that are associated with the illness, or the correlation between mental health and drug addiction, even fewer people have a grasp of the elements involved.

Drug addiction, is the result of a change in the chemical makeup of the brain. These chemical changes are directly caused by substance abuse. Any drug that alters the brain does so by altering the chemical composition of the brain. When drug use first begins, the brain will fight to restore the natural chemical balance that was present prior to the drug use; however, the more the drug is used, the more pronounced the chemical change becomes. Once the brain begins to recognize the chemical makeup associated with the drug as being the norm, it will then begin to demand the drug. The way that the brain demands the drug is through triggering undesirable feelings, such as nausea, headaches and cramps. If the above-mentioned symptoms do not drive the person to use again, the symptoms will become more intensified. These symptoms are commonly referred to as withdrawal.

It is withdrawal pains that are the main cause of relapse during the detoxification phase of recovery. These uncomfortable and painful symptoms simply become too unbearable, and the person reverts to using again in order to avoid the discomfort. Without the recovery programs that have the capacity to facilitate a medical detox, it can be virtually impossible to break free of addiction.

Once the person has successfully made it through the detoxification process, they will have to confront the emotional and psychological issues that were the catalysts that drove them to use drugs in the first place. It is these issues that are at the core foundation of addictive behavior, and they must be effectively dealt with, or any gains on the physical side of the coin will be eventually lost to relapse.

The Importance of Good Recovery Programs

The pervasive myth that an addiction can be overcome through willpower has caused millions of failed attempts. The use of drugs, especially over long periods of time, results in a change in chemicals in the brain. This change in chemical composition results in the production of immensely powerful cravings that drive the addiction. The longer the timeframe between uses, the more intense these cravings become. The person who is looking to overcome their addiction will need the help of a well-trained team that will provide the knowledge and support necessary to get through this long and difficult journey. With a phone call to Drug Treatment Centers Macon PA at (478) 787-6035 you can start on the path to recovery.

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