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The ongoing drug addiction epidemic affects millions of people in the United States every day. According to the latest statistics, more than 22 million people used or abused illicit drugs over the past year. Additionally, approximately four million people abused prescription drugs during the same period. The exponential increase in drug use has resulted in a substantial increase in the number of people who are suffering with drug addictions. This increase in the number of addictions has created a need for an increase in drug addiction rehab centers across the country. Drug Treatment Centers Macon offers the drug addiction treatment programs that can lead to a lifetime of sobriety as long as the patient is motivated to stay on the path to recovery. Call (478) 787-6035 now and get your life back.

Why is Drug Addiction Rehab So Important?

The benefits of beginning the recovery process at Drug Treatment Centers Macon are multitudinous. One of the most prevalent benefits of a quality drug recovery program is the fact that it substantially increases the chance of successfully overcoming a drug addiction. Additionally, it provides the structure and accountability that is so vital to ensure that a person who is fighting an addiction continues along the path of recovery, even long after their release from rehabilitation.

The pull of a drug addiction can be overwhelming. According to data released by the National Association of Drug Use, even after getting past the difficult obstacle of withdrawal, 50 percent of recovering addicts relapse, with the majority of them relapsing in the first 60 days after being released from the recovery center. Participating in drug rehab and aftercare programs exponentially increases the potential for achieving long-term sobriety and success.

Understanding Addiction

Having an understanding of addiction will go a long way in helping a person understand the value of a recovery program. An addiction is a condition in which a person has become physically dependent upon the substance; the addiction is not only physical it is also psychological. This is a chronic and often relapsing illness takes a life-time of maintenance in order to maintain sobriety. An addict can never be fully cured from the disease, but they can learn ways in which to manage it.

The physical aspect of the disease is developed by using the drug repetitively; however, there have been instances in which people have become addicted to a drug after the initial use. This is especially true with crack cocaine. The addiction generally develops due to the change in the chemical makeup of the brain caused by the drug. The brain will begin to perceive its new chemical makeup as being the norm. Once this happens, the brain will begin to demand the drug in order to sustain its new chemical makeup. The way that the brain does this is through triggering undesirable feelings, such as nausea and headaches. If the person does not use, the brain will intensify the feeling until the person responds, with the symptoms becoming increasingly more violent. The feelings that the person is experiencing during this time are known as symptoms of withdrawal. If a person can effectively engage these unpleasant symptoms without giving in, they will be able to overcome the physical nature of the illness.

The psychological aspect of addiction is significantly more complicated, requiring a longer and steadier commitment. The psychological issues that lead to the use of the drug and the subsequent addiction will have to be engaged through a long-term process. This will require an aftercare program to supplement what the person learns through their initial recovery treatment.

Battling this illness can be an intense and complex undertaking; however, working with Drug Treatment Centers Macon PA can simplify this process, enhancing the probability of beating substance abuse once and for all. Live your life to the fullest, call (478) 787-6035 now.

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