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Alcoholism is a growing problem across the United States and in most cases, it requires alcoholism treatment. Alcohol addiction has become so widespread because of the ease of access and general acceptance of the substance. Drinking occurs in many social situations; therefore, many people are unable to recognize that they have a problem and refuse to seek alcoholism treatment. The problem will only worsen until the addict is able to accept help. The strong pull of alcohol addiction makes it one of the most difficult chemical dependencies to break; however, working through a well-organized and highly strategized alcoholism treatment program drastically increases the success rate for those who are looking to overcome their addictions. If you have questions regarding Drug Treatment Centers Macon alcoholism treatment programs, do not hesitate to dial (478) 787-6035. Hope is just a phone call away

Understanding the Disease

The first step in understanding the disease is to apprehend the fact that this is an illness; it gets to the point where it is simply not a choice. A great deal of the judgment of addicts comes from the lack of understanding of this. Once alcoholism is viewed as a disease, the foundation has been laid to begin the healing process. Whether you are a family member, friend or the person who is struggling with the addiction, this is the first step toward the healing process.

Like all chemical addictions, alcoholism is the result of the body adjusting to the chemical metamorphosis that takes place every time the substance enters the body. When a person consumes alcohol, it causes a change in the chemicals in the brain. In a progressive manner, the brain begins to adjust to the chemical change until it recognizes this change as the new norm for its chemical composition. It is at this moment, that physical addiction has taken hold. The brain will now fight to sustain this new chemical makeup, which requires a steady dose of the drug in question. The brain will begin to demand the drug by triggering undesirable feelings, such as nausea and headaches. The signals will become progressively worse if the person does not use. The undesirable feelings that the person is experiencing at this time are symptoms of withdrawal

Alcoholism should not be confused with alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is a condition, and alcohol abuse is a behavior. A person does not have to be addicted to the substance in order to abuse it. An example of alcohol abuse would be binge drinking, which is a form of overconsumption, the most common form of alcohol abuse. The abuser may not even use frequently; however, when they do use, they almost always drink too much. It is worth noting that alcohol abuse does place the person at a higher risk for developing an addiction to alcohol.

The Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

The signs and symptoms of alcoholism are quite extensive; however, the most prominent and consistent one are listed below.

  • The proclivity to lie to family and loved ones in order to hide the drinking problem.
  • The feeling of guilt or shame concerning drinking.
  • Drink more than intended on a consistent basis.
  • A growing number of people who are becoming increasingly concerned about the drinking habits of the person in question.
  • The proclivity to black out or forget what was done while drinking.
  • The need to have a drink in order to relax.

Anyone who is currently dealing with the above-mentioned symptoms should immediately contact a professional to discuss the possibility of beginning alcoholism treatment. Even if the person is not yet addicted to the substance, there may still need to be an intervention in order to stop the individual from forming an addiction. Alcoholism treatment is the primary weapon being used against the disease. Drug Treatment Centers Macon gives addicts the fresh start they deserve. Dial (478) 787-6035 and explore your options.

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